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Give your stuff a second chance and buy your new stuff second hand!
Buying new stuff is the biggest source of CO2 pollution of the average Dutchman, according to the book The Hidden Impact by Babette Porcelijn. So this impact is even bigger than eating meat or traveling by plane! Not only that: Buying new stuff inevitably leads to getting rid of old stuff, and thus to waste. Challenge yourself to not buy anything new for a month (apart from weekly groceries), but to buy only second (or even third) hand stuff. Buy only things you really need. That way you can break the cycle of producing, transporting, buying, using, discarding and throwing away! Do you really need something? Then check out marketplaces, second-hand sites, apps like Vinted or browse your nearest thrift store or flea markets. You'll be amazed at what goodies people get rid of! With second-hand shopping, you're helping people, the environment and your wallet too! Note: It is better to buy electrical appliances such as refrigerators, freezers and washing machines second hand. Over the years they have become more economical and environmentally friendly. So a new one is much more economical!



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